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Social & Environmental Peace

About Us

Project 100 is a global membership-based organization committed to creating social and environmental peace for all. It is a global network of influential leaders. The organization works towards fostering regenerative global development through international cooperation, commerce, diplomacy, and grassroots action.

Social & Environmental Peace

Social Peace

Social Peace goes beyond the absence of war, encompassing nurturing conditions for individuals to realize their full potential. It addresses discrimination, economic disparities, and limited access to healthcare and education, ensuring inclusive decision-making. Overlooked in peace discussions is the crucial aspect of humans respecting the environment and coexisting harmoniously with nature.

Environmental Peace

Environmental Peace transcends human relations to embrace connections among all living beings and systems, fostering collective well-being. Including this component is crucial not only because future conflicts will stem from disputes over dwindling natural resources but also because environmental and social factors are deeply intertwined. Peace is unattainable unless the complete cycle is functional. Without a safe and nurturing environment and access to natural resources, there is always deprivation and divide.

Uniting these elements, we view Social and Environmental Peace (SEP) as one concept. We view the regenerative approach as the foundation for SEP, emphasizing the continual restoration and renewal of resources, ecosystems, and communities. Therefore, SEP actively promotes a healthier environment, ensures fairness, and boosts economic prosperity for all.

3 Pillars Of Social And Environmental Peace

Thriving human potential

Industrial excellence for economic prosperity

Blooming planetary health

What We Do


Building Discourse

We believe that open dialogue is the foundation of progress. Project 100 facilitates discussions, workshops, and forums that bring together diverse voices, perspectives, and expertise to address pressing social and environmental challenges.


Celebrating People

Recognizing that individuals and communities drive change, we celebrate the unsung heroes who champion social equity and environmental conservation. Project 100 highlights inspiring stories, initiatives, and projects that exemplify the principles of peace, justice, and sustainability.


GrassRoots Programs

We turn ideas into action by launching and supporting transformative projects across the globe. From empowering marginalized communities with educational opportunities to promoting clean energy and conservation initiatives, our projects aim to leave a positive and lasting impact on society and the environment.


Foster Coopertation

We Bring Together Leaders, Governments, Organizations, Corporations, Global Financiers, And Many More Stakeholders On A Global Scale To Collectively Pursue Shared Objectives Through Strategic Cooperation And Concerted Efforts.


Facilitate Commerce

We Assist In Identifying And Capitalizing On Global Business And Investment Opportunities, Particularly Within Our Targeted Regions Of Development, Alongside Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Transactions And Partnerships Among Our Community Members.


Incubate Regenerative Develpoment

We galvanize the economy, politics, and society toward regeneration. This involves attracting investments, advocating for regulatory reforms, building infrastructure, supporting government policies, funding public programs and more.


Humanitirian And Crisis Response

Leveraging our global network and expertise, we provide assistance to communities in distress. Through collaboration and resource mobilization, we ensure timely aid and relief.

Our Approach

Through our collaborative, innovative, educational, and celebratory approach, we endeavor to build a cohesive global community committed to social and environmental peace for all. We firmly believe that by uniting diverse stakeholders and inspiring collective action, we can create a sustainable and harmonious world that thrives for generations to come.

Core Team Members


H.E George Mkondiwa

  • Former Ambassador of Malawi to USA
  • Former High Commissioner of Malawi to India
  • Former Cabinet Secretary – Malawi Government
  • Former Vice President – Africa Cabinet Government Network

Vice Chairman

Dr. Rinchen Chophel

  • Vice President of United Nations CRC, Geneva
  • Director General of SAIEVAC


Dr. S.N Pathan

  • Former Vice President – ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India
  • Former Director – Higher Education, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Former Vice Chancellor – Nagpur University, Govt. of Maharashtra

Vice President

Dr. A.D. Sawant

  • Ex.Vice-Chancellor – University of Rajasthan
  • Ex.Pro Vice-Chancellor – Mumbai University.
  • Ex.Joint Director, Higher Education – (Government Of Maharashtra)
Dr. S. P Singh


Dr. S.P Singh

  • Former Vice Chancellor- Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara, Bihar Government
  • Former Vice Chancellor – Himalayan University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh


Prof. Dr. Bijay Singh

  • Vice Chancellor of ICFAI University, Mizoram
  • Former Pro Vice Chancellor & Vice Chancellor I/C, N.P. University


Dr. Mangala Kohli

  • Former Education Committee member – United Nation
  • Former ADG, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
I.R.S Anil Mishra


I.R.S Anil Mishra

  • Principal chief Commissioner Income Tax Ahmadabad

Dr. Sahdev Singh


Dr. Sahdev Singh

  • Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
Ms. Diksha Sachdeva.


Ms. Diksha Sachdeva

  • Deputy Director, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India


Namita Ghimire

  • President , International Women Parliament
Dr. Zainab Patel


Dr. Zainab Patel

  • Vice President – International Women’s Parliament
Padmashree Kalpana Saroj


Padmashree Kalpana Saroj

  • Entrepeneur, Social Activist
Mr. Manish Gautam


Mr. Manish Gautam

  • Director, Press Information Bureau, Government of India
Dr. Asha Sakolkar


Dr. Asha Sakolkar

  • Former Chairperson, Science, Technology and Environment Cell Government of Maharashtra 
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay


Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay

  • Former Foreign Secretary of India 
  • Member National Human Rights Commission


Ms. Neelam Chopra

  • Former Deputy Secretary University Grants Commission.
Vitthal Sonawane


Vitthal Sonawane

  • Co-founder Project 100
Mr. Mayank Agrawal


Mr. Mayank Agarwal

  • Co-founder Project 100


Mr. Yelliah Vikram Kamisetty

  • President – South India region of Project 100


Mr. Suraj Gaikwad

  • Founder Project 100 (IWP and Project 100,India)
  • World’s First Environment Peace Messenger
  • Advisor (Ministries of India)


Mr. Yashashvi Mukesh

  • International Development Expert And Climate Activist
  • Africa and Asia Pasific Head – International Water Security Commission,
  • CEO- Sustainify
  • Former CEO OSCAR Development Partners
  • Founder – All of Climate

Youth Ambassador

Ms. Aarna Wadhawan

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Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Suraj Gaikwad, an environmentalist, and social activist from India, Project 100 has been making significant strides since its inception in 2015. Mr. Gaikwad’s journey with Project 100 began with organizing grassroots-level initiatives in Maharashtra, India. During these events, he took charge, brandishing his signature green reporter mic, and engaged in interviews with major stakeholders. The idea of bringing these stakeholders together on a platform to discuss critical issues sparked a tremendous momentum for the larger cause. It was during this time that the groundwork for Project 100’s approach was laid. Over the past eight years, Project 100 has created numerous local, national, and global platforms, providing stakeholders with opportunities to contribute to the larger discourse of the world. From its humble beginnings of community-led initiative, the organization has evolved into a dynamic force for social and environmental change. Mr. Gaikwad’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and social peace has inspired countless individuals and organizations to join Project 100’s transformative journey. Today, the organization stands as a beacon of hope, uniting high-value stakeholders and driving collective action towards a thriving future for all.