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Project 100
Registration fee INR 42000


  • The HTML section defines a form with an input field for entering a promo code, an “Apply” button, and a paragraph element to display feedback.
  • The input field has a placeholder indicating that it’s for entering a promo code to get a 5% discount.


  • The JavaScript script includes a function called checkValue() that is triggered when the “Apply” button is clicked.
  • Inside the function, it retrieves the entered promo code, checks if it’s equal to “NewYear” and provides feedback accordingly.
  • If the promo code is correct, it displays a success message (“Promocode applied.”) and redirects to a specified URL (Promocode URL Page).
  • If the promo code is incorrect, it displays an error message (“Wrong promo code. Please try again.”).


  • The CSS styles enhance the visual presentation of the form.
  • The form is displayed in a flex container with a width of 400px, arranged horizontally with aligned items.
  • The input field has padding, the “Apply” button has a specific color scheme, and there is spacing around the feedback message.

Download file

View and download file
  • Show the preview of file
  • Create a button and when we click on it our brochure should be downloaded