Global Network For Global Impact

“The Global Water Pollution Eradication Campaign is a powerful advocacy initiative dedicated to putting an end to water pollution worldwide. With a particular focus on the Yamuna, Ganga, Godavari, Saraswati, and Bhima rivers in India, this campaign actively promotes the importance of efficient water treatment plants to protect these vital water bodies.”

“Introducing the Global Peace Orchard, a symbol of harmony and collaboration that transcends borders. On a dedicated piece of land, Ambassadors from all 195 countries will unite to plant a tree, each representing their nation’s unique spirit and aspirations for peace. This extraordinary garden will flourish as a testament to global peace and solidarity, where the roots of friendship intertwine, and the branches of understanding reach for the skies.

“A visionary art competition aimed at nurturing the creativity of young minds in addressing climate challenges. The top 100 entries will be showcased in a captivating exhibition in Delhi, featuring children’s photos and details. Esteemed leaders from government, private, and social sectors will attend the event, creating a unique platform for public engagement.”

What Project100 Do

Project 100 is a global nonprofit organization committed to creating social and environmental peace for all. At Project 100, we firmly believe that every important stakeholder is driven by a desire to contribute to sustainable development and a thriving future. These high-ranking individuals and powerful entities possess immense potential for impact, and it is our mission to bring them together on a single platform. By channeling their efforts towards a collective mission, we aim to achieve social and environmental peace for all, fostering a world of harmony, prosperity, and sustainability.